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Do you want to know who invented Foosball? Foosball or Table Football was created and patented by Harold S. Thornton in 1923, in England. However, some patents date back to the 1890s. Thornton got this idea while watching his soccer team, The Spurs or Tottenham Hotspurs FC to give them their full name. His original idea was to start a game similar to soccer, but which could be enjoyed at home.

The main inspiration for starting this game came when he laid matches, individually, across a box of matches. It’s his Uncle who took this idea to the United States and patented it in 1927. This post gives you reasons why it was given the name Foosball and the varieties types of Foosball tables available.

Why Do They Call It A Foosball Table?

  • After this patenting, Table Football came to be known as Foosball, which is the German name for field soccer, as it’s known in the United States. The Germans spell football as fuBball.
  • They pronounce the funny looking B as two S’s, which has led to many corruptions in its spelling, meaning many sections have settled on Foosball. Alejandro Finisterre reasoned this game to be ideal for kids who couldn’t play soccer.
  • That led to the creation of this sport. You should bear in mind that’s its better known worldwide as a sport, rather than a game. In 2002, in France, The International Table Soccer Federation was established. Its aim is to develop Foosball and also regulate International Competitions.
  • It also seeks to have Foosball become a listed game in the International Olympic Committee. That’s for it to become one of the official Olympics sports. This recognition has yet to be earned.

What Types Of Foosball Tables Are Available?

Three main types of Foosball tables are available. There are indoor, outdoor and tabletop Foosball tables. This guide gives you their advantages and disadvantages.

Indoor Foosball Tables

  • Indoor Foosball tables are among the most popular. That’s because they enable you or your children to enjoy indoor Foosball soccer. Their features include telescopic rods, chromium plated.
  • They also come with playing instructions and accessories. Their rods also come with nylon bruising. Other models have ball bearings for smooth and high-speed play. These features enable them to have reduced wear and tear.
  • Some have black metal legs, with powder varnish that’s washable. The downside of indoor Foosball tables is that they can get damaged if exposed to outdoor weather conditions. That means you can only use them indoors.

Table Top Foosball Tables

  • Table top Foosball tables are mini versions of the full-scale ones. If you want to enjoy Foosball on the go, you should consider these mini versions. You should also consider purchasing then as gifts for your children or if you want to travel with them.
  • That’s because they are portable. However, you should check your budget estimates when buying them. That’s because some people purchase them as their office or cubical decor, resulting in them being expensive.
  • Another factor to remember is that cheaper table top Foosball tables are a bit hard to set up and are made of cheap parts. They also limit your capability to perform hard shots.

Outdoor Foosball Tables

  • Outdoor Foosball tables are specially designed to withstand outdoor weather. That’s because they are weather proof as a result of their anti-rust material, for example, wood or plastic. They also resist warping.
  • You can use them in resorts, beach homes, outdoors, backyards and tailgates. However, you should be prepared to spend more when purchasing outdoor Foosball tables.
  • That’s because these tables can be used both indoors and outdoors. They also have upgraded components all through.

What to Do

  • If you choose to buy an outdoor Foosball table, ensure you buy an outdoor Foosball table cover. That’s because as much as it is of weatherproof material; you want it to serve you long. These covers ensure you protect your Foosball table during snow or rainy seasons.
  • Check your budget estimates. That will ensure you buy Foosball tables that suit your needs.
  • Remember to read Foosball table’s online reviews before buying. It ensures you buy quality products.
  • Make sure you select Foosball tables with the best materials. One way is by knowing where you intend to play Foosball. Consider those with weather proof material if you enjoy playing this game outdoors.

Final Thoughts

The above guide on, who invented Foosball? Should make you consider buying a Foosball table. Remember to check your budget estimates and read plenty of online reviews before buying. Then you can get to grip with the rules of play and even learn some foosball tips and tricks for getting the best out of the game.

Did You Know?

The real game of Soccer or Football as it’s called elsewhere in the world was also invented in England. The oldest Football Association club is Sheffield FC, England, founded in 1857, that makes them 160 years old at the time of writing.


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