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Foosball is a traditional table soccer that is making a strong comeback. While many people struggle to get out and run around a massive soccer field, foosball provides hours of entertainment right from the comfort of your own games room. It is generally an indoor game that encourages healthy competition, while requiring a bit of skill at the same time. With so many types of foosball tables on the market today, this brief guide should provide your with a starting point to understanding what Foosball is.

So what is Foosball?

Foosball Tables Described

A foosball table is rectangular and shaped much like a real soccer field. There is a goal, a line of defenders and two offensive lines. While you cannot alter the offensive or defensive position of the players length ways on the table, you can adjust their position width ways across the court. There is a center point where the ball is placed at the start of every game and after each goal, so even this is designed to mirror the outdoor game of soccer. Each player is securely fastened to one of four rods that each player maintains control over. On full size tables the game is often played with 2 players on each side, each controlling 2 rods.

Types of Foosball Tables

There are many varieties of foosball tables designed to fit almost any location and reason for playing. For those just looking for a simple game that is portable, a mini table top version is available. This is great for camping trips or other types of outings such as visiting relatives, as it can be packed and taken with you on a trip. Most foosball tables are designed to be played indoors though outdoor all weather versions are available that will stand up to the elements. The sizes differ, making it easy to accommodate the space that you have in your home or game room. Competition and tournament regulation tables are also available. Prices start from $10 for a mini table, $50 to $1000 for a games room table and up to $2000 and beyond for a professional tournament table.

Object of the Game

Similar to a traditional soccer game, the foosball table is divided into two distinct sides. Each player will stand on his or her side of the table and control their team with a series of four rods upon which the plastic players are attached. The main objective is quite easy. You are to work with your figures to pass the ball and eventually shoot and score before your opponent does. Most games last to 10 points, but that is up to the people playing. That is the beauty of foosball, the rules are simple so you can just focus on having fun.

The Popularity of Foosball

Foosball has become so popular because just about anyone can play, there’s even a human version! Athletic ability is not necessary; only a desire to have fun is a prerequisite. It is great as a party game, or for healthy competition. If you wish to show your stuff on a grander scale, there are even organized tournaments that take place in many locations. At these you can really improve your skills. In short, foosball is a game for everyone and all abilities. For those with a little more energy there is even a full size human version of Foosball.

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