Foosball is one of the most interesting recreational sports. However some have worked their way into mastery of this game, hence it becoming a professional activity. Want to emulate the pro’s? No worries, you only have to believe in yourself and take the game seriously, learning foosball tips and tactics to help you move from a simple spinner player.

Basic Skills

Let’s begin by understanding what this game entails. Just like football, you have players, defending and attacking players. Your goal is to both defend and offend. Begin by understanding the following tactics.

  • Wrist Grip- It is the most common grip involving wrapping your hand around the rod’s handle, softly, to give yourself a good grip. It will enable you to make both clockwise and anticlockwise rotations.
  • Open Palm Grip- It involves placing your hand to the side of the handle, with your fingers and thumb pointing downwards. The handle should be in the palm, allowing for a comfortable up and down movement of the hand.

Shooting Tips

  • Ensure you maintain a loose grip on the handle to allow for the maximum movement and speed, hence limit your resistance.
  • Always turn your wrist quickly. It will allow the rod to rotate up to 180 degrees, allowing for a powerful shot, as it will have enough speed to do so.

Serving Tips

  • Always spin the ball on the drop to your 5-bar midfielder rod. It will help you retain possession and avoid giving away control, possession and conceding goals from your opponent.
  • Catch the ball by tilting your bars at an angle, to allow your player to cushion the ball from opponents and not accidentally bounce off the ball. The ideal angle for catching is 35-40 degrees, as it allows your men to stop the momentum of the ball, in the case of powerful and speeding shots.

Defense Tips

  • Always move your two defense rods concurrently and clear the ball from this area. It helps in creating one solid defense unit to avoid conceding goals. Slightly space the unit to create less room for the ball to go in between the bodies.
  • Follow the ball all the time; your men should always stay aligned with the ball and in constant movement.
  • Stagger your defense. Ensure the two defense road is sparingly spaced, with all the defense players covering an equal area and not cross the middle goal line to avoid exposing your goal.
  • Make your defense unpredictable by varying your movements and patterns, against your opponent.


  • You will only attack properly if your passing game is up top. Try tic-tac passing, which is passing the ball side to side between men on the same rod. Also use the brush passes, where you move the ball, using the left or right side of the feet, to pass the ball forward.
  • Shooting the ball into the goal takes lots of techniques. A push-shot is more of a tic-tac pass, but before it reaches the third player on the same rod, the second player quickly shoots towards the goal, when the opponent is not expecting.
  • A bank-shot will need you to hit the ball diagonally, so as it hits the sides or banks of the foosball table, then straight to the goal. It is a technique employed by experienced players, who use the defensive rods to make the shot.
  • Spray-shots incorporate both push and ball shots, making the ball quickly hit the right and left side banks then to the goal.

All in all, mastering the tips above will allow beginners to advance their foosball skills a level at least. You can wrist hard and soft, catch and pass the ball around, defend and make a bank shot to earn several points. You can now easily beat rookie friends and family; hence elevate your game in the long run. If you really want to kick on you should also be aware of the basic rules and furthermore invest in a decent table.


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