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It’s a tied game and all the players on the pitch are ready to give it their all. The tension is palpable and one good kick is all it takes to catapult one team into the stuff of legends.

No, we’re not talking about your favorite FIFA team — we’re talking about foosball!

Foosball is the ultimate game of skill, and now you and your friends can kick things up a notch by holding a foosball tournament.

Sound like fun? Here are our tips on how to create and run a foosball tournament from scratch that your friends will love.

Find The Right Table

A great game of foosball starts with finding the right table. Believe it or not, not all tables are created equally.

The right table should come with a few things.

First, it needs to be large enough that both players can comfortable navigate their arms on either side of the table.

The perfect table should have a nice heft to it, as well. Foosball can get pretty competitive, and one hard spin can upend a miniature table and send the ball flying.

Finally, it should include some sort of scoreboard. While cheating isn’t always a concern, especially if you’re just playing among friends, sometimes a player may forget to adjust his or her score, throwing the balance of the game off.

Scout Out A Great Venue

Now that you have the perfect table, your next step is the find the right venue. This will ultimately depend on how many people are going to participate in your tournament.

If you’re only hosting a few friends, your living room or game room should be more than sufficient. If you’re looking to expand your tournament, however, you may want to partner with a local bar or restaurant to host your tournament.

Wherever you hold your tournament, make sure to check your table dimensions ahead of time.

Create A Fair Set Of Rules

Any tournament is going to be contingent on its rules. While foosball rules are pretty flexible, it is important that all players have a clear idea of what is and isn’t legal.

Take spinning, for instance, which is one of the most divisive rules of the sport. On a competitive level, spinning is rarely allowed. But if you’re playing among friends, you may decide otherwise.

Make sure to give all entrants enough time to adjust their strategies so they don’t accidentally disqualify themselves.

Set Up Your Foosball Tournament Brackets

Once you have a list of entrants, it’s time to set up your tournament bracket. There are plenty of great online generators like Challonge you can use to set up your bracket for free, so find one that works for you.

Don’t Forget The Prizes

For an added bit of fun, include some prizes for the winner of your foosball tournament. Gift cards and small trophies are great, inexpensive options.

If you want to take it to the next level, you may even want to grab a crown, cape, and scepter to crown your winner the foosball king or queen.

How to Run a Local Foosball Tournament Successfully

It's a tied game and all the players on the pitch are ready to give it their all. The tension is palpable and one good kick is all it takes to catapult one

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