Ready to step your game up and see what luxurious foosball table options you have?

Or are you just window shopping and wishing?

With so many options to consider, sometimes it’s best to dream.

Either way, we’re bringing you 5 of the most expensive foosball tables we could find.

1. TechKell Krystal Series

Built almost entirely of crystal, this elegant foosball table can be yours for a menial $7,500 – $10,000.

With multiple models comprising their collection, you’re bound to find the one that’s right for you. Available in clear or smoked glass, this table is designed specifically for in-home use.

It comes with chrome-plated handles and stainless steel joints. Adjustable feet grant the user the luxury of a customized table.

2. Audi Foosball Table

Created from state-of-the-art materials, the table, according to the team at Ingolstadt, “meets the high standards demanded in professional tournaments.” If you’re a tournament player, be ready to shell out $16,000.

Made of light-weight aluminum, this table sports a chic and sophisticated silver design. Both ends have the familiar Audi logo stamped on.

If you’re looking for a special toy to augment your Audi collection, you’re out of luck. Only 20 of these tables have been produced.

3. Barbie Foosball Table

This mega-Barbie project was the result of a collaboration between Mattel and Bonzini. With its hot pink walls and real Barbies as players, this game comes in at a whopping 25 grand.

Although Barbies are much bigger than regular foosball players, the entirety of the table’s design was built to accommodate. In fact, the table itself is much longer than similar products.

Originally presented at the DMY Youngsters Exhibition, the game redefines its traditionally masculine roots and opts for a friendlier, feminine appeal.

If you’re looking to spoil the Barbie collector in your life, you may be too late.

Only 8 tables were ever manufactured.

4. Lux Gold Foosball Table

The so-called “table suited for a king” boasts a striking black and gold aesthetic accompanied by an ESG “unbreakable” glass rim that surrounds the play area. It sells for a staggering price – just over $28,000.

The table comes with 12 different player figure options that can be selected from below. On the sides and on the field, you’ll find designated areas for company and team logos built with the passionate fan in mind.

5. 11-The Beautiful Game

Unveiled by GRO Design at the Milan Furniture Faire, The Beautiful Game foosball table comes in at a mind-blowing price of $68,000.

With a design inspired by the modern allure of new sports stadiums, this game is bound to be the centerpiece in any playboy mansion. It comes with 22-chrome players and takes around 12-weeks to build.

Each player has an assigned number embedded on their glossy surface. Every table is handmade to order and special customization features are available.

It’s Time to Go Get Yourself a Foosball Table

We’ve brought you some of the greatest finance-destroying monsters in the foosball industry. Each one brings its own unique flavor and insane features. For more realistically priced options for your home games room check these models out.

This is only a short list; there are plenty more fancy foosball options available. Let us know in the comments below if you own a rare or expensive foosball table.

If you ever do find yourself as the owner of one of these beautiful games, check out our guide on how to maintain your table.

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