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These tables have become so popular in homes, frat houses and rec rooms today because of their affordable prices and appeal. To ensure that they last longer, you are required to maintain them and their accessories regularly. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Cleaning the Foosball Ball

The balls are not supposed to be exposed to harsh weather conditions e.g. rain, sun and snow because they wear out fast. The balls often get dirty either when shot off the table during a play or when played on a dirty table. They can be cleaned regularly with a light scouring pad which is placed in a dish soap solution. However, when cleaning the balls, you should avoid:

  • Putting the balls in a drier because they get damaged by the heat causing them to warp
  • Scrubbing them hard to avoid losing their original colour and texture
  • Mixing the balls with coloured inks or items. They easily stain by absorbing the coloured ink

Maintaining the rods and the table

  • You need to check your table rods regularly to ascertain that they are lubricated with silicone oil to improve their functionality. When applying oils such the Tornado brand specifically made for Foosball tables you should apply it after removing the rods to avoid dripping oil on the Foosball table or by holding a cloth underneath. After careful application, move the rods back and forth to ensure even distribution of the silicone oil on the rods. Excess oil can be wiped off with a tissue to avoid spilling on the table.
  • The Foosball men should also be regularly maintained by screwing them firmly on the rods if they are loose. When properly secured, they make strong accurate passes during the game and will last longer because they don’t crack or break easily. Remember if you want a change complete new teams can be purchased, they could be a general color or the official Foosball teams of Manchester United, Barcelona or Real Madrid.
  • Inside the table, you can clean it easily using a non-abrasive cloth dipped in alcohol or water. The amount of liquid used in cleaning should be regulated to avoid damaging the playing surface.
  • It is also wise to know the right cleaners to use. Some cleaners are unsuitable for use as they make the table slippery when playing.
  • It is advisable to avoid dragging your table when moving it from one place to another. You are instead required to lift it up to increase its lifespan, get help if it’s a heavy table.
  • Always remember to keep foods and drinks away from the table as much as possible to avoid messing up the play area with food debris.
  • Finally, remember that most Foosball tables are meant to be played indoors. They are not therefore supposed to be exposed to weather elements whatsoever. They should not be left outside overnight because they will wear out fast, in particular exposure to direct sunlight will lead to the color fading.
  • Broken parts should be repaired by gluing them or replacing them altogether to avoid incurring extra costs in the future. Remember all parts of the rod can be replaced, the rods, players, bumpers, rod bearing and end caps are all available as spares.

There’s more to do than you realise in taking care of your Foosball table. However, if you follow the tips given, you will be able to see the long term benefits and get the most from playing Foosball and develop those pro skills. Whether your Foosball table is just for occasional fun or takes pride of place in your games room regular maintenance will pay dividends.



  1. Thanks this is Great Advice. I am looking for Some Tips to Improve My Skill. Is there Any Video About that ?

  2. Hi ! I am from India ! I have Hathway Playoff Foosball Table & the 1 Rod Of that Foosball Table is Broken ! Any Idea Where Can I Get it ?

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