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The longest foosball match went on for 61 hours and 17 minutes during a match in 2012.

This table game has been featured on shows like Friends and is a popular game all over the world.

While you likely won’t need to be entertained for a whole 61 hours at a time, a foosball table is a great way to bring together friends or spend time with the family.

Keep reading to learn how to save some money this summer and build your own foosball table.

Build your Own Foosball Table

This DIY guide can be a great weekend project with some friends or your kids. Just be sure to practice saw safety with gloves, glasses, and being aware of your surroundings!

Here are some things you’ll need:

  • A saw, best when electric.
  • A drill (at least 16mm)
  • 10mm thickness MDF board (at least 48″ X 27″)
  • Extra MDF board for the foosball walls
  • Acrylic spray or paint (green and white or black)
  • (8) 16mm metal rods, at least 38″ long
  • (16) rod handles
  • (26) Foosball players, can be 3-D printed in two different colors from this website
  • Foosballs
  • A rubber mallet
  • Masking tape
  • Clear epoxy glue

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, here are the steps:

1. Cut the MDF board to 48″ X 27″

2. Paint the board green with acrylic or spray paint. When it is completely dry, paint on a soccer field using either white or black paint, and masking tape to make straight lines and avoid mistakes.

3. Cut the 8, 16mm metal rods to 38″ long

4. 3-D print 26 foosball players (in two different colors) or purchase your own, and slide them into formation. Use the rubber mallet to set the players in the right place.

5. Build the walls of the foosball table according to the height or your players. Be sure there is at least 2-3mm between the players feet and the field. Drill 16mm or 17mm holes to accommodate the metal rods. Drill a hole on each end behind goalkeepers for the ball to leave the field.

6. Use the epoxy glue to attach the rod handles to the metal rods.

7. Add a foosball and enjoy!

Additional Features

This foosball table is meant to be added on top of a level table or surface for play, but you can also build a frame for it with legs. Just be sure to make it level and stable, otherwise the game will be skewed.

You can also add a way to keep track of the score, such as sliding rings for each point. Typically, the game goes until one person scores 10 points.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to spend $500 to $1000 on a new foosball table. With the above guide, you can build your own foosball table with friends or family and have a great time doing so.

This is a great construction project to both save you money and learn some new skills.

For more information on all things foosball, check out our blog today.

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  1. My question is how do you fix the 3D palyers to the rod and don’t you need a kind of plastic or metal bushing in between the metal rod and the wood hole for less friction when rotating the rods.

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