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When you think about Foosball, you usually envision the large wooden table with spinning rods and the little plastic players lined up. Many people have never heard of human Foosball, but it certainly exists! The concept is pretty much the same. However, the amount of fun is much greater!

What is Human Foosball?

Human foosball is very similar to what is involved in a standard table soccer game. The main and only real difference is that human foosball is played with real people. The person who invented Foosball wanted it to be an indoor alternative to soccer that anyone could get involved in. Human Foosball takes it back out of the games room and makes it a little more physical but not quite as physical as real soccer therefore people with varied fitness levels can still participate. The amount of players can range from 10-18 just as the amount of players can vary on table foosball too. As mentioned Human foosball can get physical, so it is very important that everyone is respectful and careful with opponents and team mates.

What do you Need to Play Human Foosball?

To play you will need an area or space large enough for both teams. Indoors this could be a basketball court or gym. The human foosball court can also be set up outdoors in an open field. You would need masking or painters tape, PVC pipes (for the rods that the players will hold onto), duct tape, a soft bouncing ball, and at least ten people. You would first have to tape the pipes together for everyone to hold like in standard foosball. You would then mark approximately 2 feet wide lines on the floor on either sides of the poles. A person acting as a referee or putting the ball back in play would also be helpful.

How Do You Play Human Foosball?

You would need to position six poles width-wise across the court in equally spaced rows. The space between the rows should be close enough so that players may be able to reach the ball and to a degree each other. There are two teams whose objectives is to score on the opposite goal. No one can let go of their pole or step outside of the marked lines for any reason. This can be cause for a penalty. Another cause for a penalty would be if the ball hits or goes over the other side of one of the poles or an object above the pole. If the ball goes out of bounds, that will also be a penalty.

Once everyone is in place, the game is started by rolling the ball into play from the mid-court starting area. The game will continue unless a penalty occurs or the ball goes out of reach. It is against the rules to intentionally kick or trip the opponent. The game is finished when the allotted time is up and then points are calculated. That is when the winning team is determined. The video above shows a more elaborate homemade version.

The Popularity Of Human Foosball

Human foosball is becoming more and more popular. There are even companies that have designed custom made life-sized foosball tables to give players a more realistic feel while playing. There are many human foosball tournaments held all over the U.S. If you want to get involved checkout these websites;

Human Foosball is great for birthdays, parties and family gatherings. It’s a great way to have some fun while getting some exercise at the same time. The main goals are to not get hurt, have fun and of course to win!

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