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Mini foosball has been around for years and is a fantastically fun game that’s perfect for kids to play. The concept is similar to regular sized foosball, with the added benefit of taking up less space and being more child-friendly and affordable. In this piece, we’ll be reviewing five different products to see which one is the best mini foosball table around.

If you’re looking for a new game to buy your kids, then take a look at the reviews below to find out which one you should buy.

1. Mainstreet Classics 36-Inch Table Top Foosball/Soccer Game – Sturdy & attractive with good build quality

The first foosball table we’re looking at is by Mainstreet Classics and offers all the fun of foosball without taking up too much space. Its size is one of the standout features as it’s not the biggest table around and also not the smallest – it’s just right! This makes it easy to move and even easier to stow away when it’s not in use. It’s also very sturdy and doesn’t move around a lot when being used. Couple this with a manual slider that allows you to keep score, and you have an attractive package to enjoy.

The Pros and Cons

This table is strong, easy to move, comes with a scoring feature and is the perfect size for a mini foosball table. Add to this the fact you get two soccer balls, which is handy when your child inevitably loses one of them! I’d also say it’s an attractive product, you’re getting a foosball table that’s built to look like a mini soccer stadium. There are nice decals on the side, a lovely green pitch and the players all have nice looking kits on too.

It’s worth mentioning that this table is the only one on test that has the single defensive goal keeper arrangement. All the others have a line of three. You could see this positively or negatively. On the one hand it’s like it’s grown up, full sized counterpart but on the other it could prove difficult for youngsters not to let in too many goals! Without question though this particular rod is more nimble and easier to use because there’s a little less weight to control. This improves your reaction time.

However, there are a fair few negatives to consider. For starters compared to all of the other mini foosball tables up for review, this is by far the most expensive. The build quality is good, but it could be better as some people have complained about parts needing to be glued or clamped back together. One other negative is that this table needs to be assembled when you buy it. This can be a tad time-consuming and not ideal when opening for a childs birthday or Christmas Day, what with the inevitable delay in getting on with the gameplay. A few customers have also had problems with holes not quite lining up.

The Main Takeaways

Having looked at this product here are the main things you should take away from the review:

  • It’s a very sturdy table
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Visually appealing for children
  • Relatively good build quality
  • Single player on the defensive rod
  • More expensive than the other mini foosball tables under review
  • Needs to be assembled at home


Overall, I’d say the Mainstreet Classic has the potential to be a good product but is perhaps a little bit too expensive for most. If you’re paying this amount for a mini foosball table, you need to be absolutely sure you’re getting the best. Unfortunately, I think there are better products out there and even on test here that represent better overall value.

2. Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table – A good table with a good warranty included

The Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table stands out with its vibrant graphics and stunning design. With a durable and convenient design, it’s not only extremely robust but portable too. It comes with deluxe bearings to help players control the ball and shoot with precision. Add to this the stable legs with non-marking pads coupled with wear-resistant printed graphics, and you have some very impressive features. You also get a money back guarantee and warranty if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

The Pros and Cons

There are plenty of good things to love about this mini foosball table. For one, it’s built very well and is designed to be as sturdy as possible, it’s the sturdiest on test. The cabinet and legs are very firm which means there’s little to no movement during play. It’s also visually appealing, especially for young children who will love the printed graphics on the side. The deluxe bearings on the rods also make precision ball control that little bit easier for kids, it’s a nice touch on a table of this size which realistically is not going to be used for serious tournament play. It’s also light enough to transport anywhere and is small enough to be stored above a kitchen cabinet or in a small closet. Having said that, don’t get the illusion that this is a tiny table, it’s slightly bigger than the first one, but maintains the compactness.

The warranty and money back guarantee of this product are a huge plus point. If your table is faulty, you can get it replaced for free within 90 days and also get any parts replaced for free too. Even if you don’t like the table, you can return it for a free refund during this period.

Those are all the good points, but what about the bad? It’s still one of the pricier foosball tables out there. However, you get very good value for money with this product, meaning it’s probably just about worth the price. The only other negative is that it doesn’t come pre-assembled, which can be a bit annoying. This however is relatively standard with mini foosball tables and helps manufacturers keep the pricing down due. In reality you’ve already benefited from this cost saving but at the expense of your own time.

The Main Takeaways

The main things to take away from this review are:

  • 90-day warranty and money back guarantee
  • Very sturdy and robust design
  • Great build quality
  • Visually appealing
  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • One of the more expensive on test
  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled


In conclusion the Harvil is a very good mini foosball table. It gives you everything you and your child could wish for. The build quality is great, the design looks fabulous, and that money back guarantee/warranty is a huge selling point. In fact, I’d say it’s worth spending the money because you get that warranty with it and can return it for a refund within 90 days if you’re not satisfied. Given the addictive gameplay and great build it’s unlikely you will.

3. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table – An attractive table with great graphics

Sport Squad have created a compact foosball table that looks fantastic. The details of the design are amazing, it even includes goals with plastic soccer nets! With high-quality chrome rods that are accompanied by rubber grips, this game is easy to play for both young children and adults looking to rekindle their foosball love.

The Pros and Cons

First things first, let’s start with all the good features this product has. The main thing that stands out is how amazing it looks. It’s definitely one of the best looking mini foosball tables on the market, and certainly the best looking one in this review. The table itself is easy to lift up and move, making it perfect to set on a dining room table to play. It comes with chrome rods that are very durable, and the rubber ergonomic grips feel great making it easy to use. Additionally this product is also cheaper than the Mainstree and Harvil products at the moment, representing good value for money.

However, with the good comes the bad, and there are some negative aspects with this table. The legs are very short, and some customers have had complaints about the durability when playing vigorously. Again, this is another table that doesn’t come assembled, which is always a slight negative but as we have learned par for the course.

The Main Takeaways

These are the main points to take away from this foosball table review:

  • Incredibly good looking
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Portable and easy to store
  • There are question marks over the long-term durability of legs
  • Doesn’t come assembled


For its price, the Sports Squad FX40 is a very good mini foosball table. If you want your kids to be blown away by how cool their new table looks, then this is probably the item to purchase. Just make sure they don’t play with it too ferociously as the legs might not take all the pressure.

4. 27” Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table Game w/Legs – A good small sized foosball table

The fourth mini foosball table under review is the smallest so far and the first made out of wood. This leads to a very high-build quality and gorgeous design. It looks retro, but you also know a wooden table like this is built to last. There’s great attention to detail too with each player being individually designed. At a mere 27” in length, this table is phenomenally portable.

The Pros and Cons

Right off the bat one of the good things about this table is the built quality of the main structure. Being crafted out of wood you can see there’s high-quality workmanship afoot. It makes the table very sturdy, with very little movement when playing. Another key thing you want in a mini foosball table is portability. This product is so easy to pick up and place anywhere you want. The players are very detailed, and this adds to the visual appeal of the game.

As for the bad, well, there are a couple of minor issues and a couple of fairly big issues. For one, it’s almost too small when compared to other tables out there. Yes, this makes it portable and easy to store, but it makes it harder to play the game as your children are really cramped around a tiny table. Secondly, it needs to be assembled, which is pretty poor considering a table of its size. You’d expect something this small to already be assembled when you buy it. One of the big problems is the price. At $48.92 it’s not the most expensive, but is poor value for money given its size and features. Plus, add an extra $9.49 in shipping, and you have a remarkably expensive product for what you get. The biggest problem is the quality of the handles on the rods. Numerous people have complained that theirs fell off after just a week.

The Main Takeaways

When looking at this product, here are the main things to think about:

  • Very portable
  • Easy to store
  • High build quality on the actual table and legs
  • Good looking wooden design
  • Poor value for money
  • Poor quality rod handles
  • Doesn’t come assembled
  • Too small


All in all, I wouldn’t rate this 27″ table soccer table highly at all. It has potential, and I love the wooden table design. However, the poor handles are a massive negative that can’t be overlooked. For its price, there are other tables out there that offer so much more.

5. Mini Table Top Foosball – Comes with everything you need to enjoy foosball

At just 20 inches in length, this is a remarkably portable foosball table. No matter how restricted you are for space, there’s always room for this game. It’s built primarily from wood and looks very retro and cool. Players are designed brilliantly, and their kits add a vibrant and colorful feel to the product.

The Pros and Cons

The biggest pro of this product is its price. At a mere $11.89 it blows every other table out of the water when it comes to affordability. It’s primarily made out of wood which gives it a very appealing design. I think kids would like the way it looks, especially with the colorful pitch and players too.

Unfortunately, that’s where the pros end. There are plenty of negative aspects with this product, which is probably to be expected for the low price. Regarding build quality, it’s almost non-existent. Assembly is required, and some customers have complained that pieces broke as they were assembling it. Also, at 20 inches in length, this table is tiny, which makes it even more astonishing that any assembly is required. For me, if you’re making a very small table, one of the unique selling points has to be that it’s already assembled.

Main Takeaways

So, what are the main takeaways of this product?

  • Very cheap and affordable
  • Visually appealing
  • Not the most durable
  • Only 2 rods per player to control
  • Poor build quality
  • Needs to be assembled


In summary, this isn’t the best mini table soccer when compared to the others on test. It may be very affordable, but it breaks too easily and won’t last. However if you’re on a really tight budget this may be a good way in to foosball to see if you like it before spending a larger sum of money.

Final Conclusion: The Best Mini Foosball Table

When looking at these products, you need to consider a few things. This includes the price/value for money, build quality, sturdiness, visual appeal, assembly, and portability. Having looked at five different mini foosball tables, we can now reveal which one of the best and which one is the worst.

Unsurprisingly, in last-place is the Mini TableTop Foosball – Comes with Everything You Need. It’s a stepping stone product and a good way of finding out if you like foosball. However don’t be surprised when handles fall off, it’s not been made with long term durability in mind.

In first-place, the best mini foosball table money can buy is the Harvil Tabletop Foosball Table. It has so many plus points and very few negatives. For what you get, it’s well worth the asking price, particularly when you consider the included warranty and money back guarantee.

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