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A Foosball table can be a fun and exciting addition to any games room, frat house or even your very own man cave.

The quick setup and easy-to-learn style of play makes Foosball a great option for just about anyone who wants to game indoors. With a couple of friends and a spare evening to hand, you can even make a mini-tournament of it. Of course, to do that you will need to have a decent table to play with.

Choosing between Foosball tables can be tricky, not least because there are so many different types and so many features to consider. Nonetheless, we are here to help you out, and in this article we will be doing exactly that. We are going to take a look at five of the best foosball tables currently on the market.

We will compare them to one another, and see which comes out on top. With any luck, this should make your task of finding the ideal foosball table for your house a lot easier.

Foosball table in a home games room

What Features Make A Top Foosball Table?

  • Heavy weight construction – on high end tables the weight may well be 200lbs or above. This is important in tournaments where you don’t want the playing surface to shift around. Ultimately a heavier constructed table will also last longer and take more abuse than a lightweight table. Whether this is important or not on a foosball table intended for a kids bedroom is down to you.
  • Adjustable feet for leveling – a level playing surface is important for a fair game it’s also important for a variety of special passes and shots such as the pull shot, push shot, snake and bank shots to name a few. When you place a ball on a playing surface it should not wildly roll around but come to a halt.
  • Counterbalanced men – If the foosball men are counterbalanced regardless of the rotation of the rods the men will stay put. An equal amount of weight in the head allows this to happen. This is particularly useful if you’re playing a one on one game where you might want to keep men horizontal in various plays so that you don’t stop the offense of your own shot from within defense. Usually this feature is found on higher end products. It probably won’t even be a consideration for the majority of buyers.
  • Tacky non glossy Foosballs – Tacky non shiny Foosball will allow for more control over the ball during play. You’ll be able to trap the ball down against the table with slick plastic balls this is not so easy. The good thing is that this is an easy after purchase upgrade if you so wish.
  • Side ball returns – On cheaper tables the ball will fall to the end of the table. On more expensive and professional standard tables the ball will be routed to either side of the table directly below the serving hole.
  • Side serving hole – Again only usually found on higher end tables a round side serving hole allows entry of the Foosball at precisely halfway along the length of the table. That’s not to say that serving has to necessarily be fair though!
  • Wooden handles – Quite simply Foosball handles made of wood allow for a better grip. They are generally octagonal in shape and are less likely to result in an illegal accidental 360 degree spin as can often be the case with plastic handles. Professional players often cover these with tubes or wraps to soak perspiration and improve grip further still.
  • Men with wedge shaped feet – The pointed wedge shaped Foosball man design is starting to creep into Foosball tables at the cheaper end of the market. They allow for great Foosball control and allow you to perform all of the pro shots. The wedge feet often incorporate an etched hatch design to really grip the Foosball. If you’re spending a reasonable amount of money, say above $250 you should look for this feature as standard.
  • Goals with no bounce out – Shots played by pro’s at the highest level are often very powerful. So powerful that the Foosball can often hit the back of the goal and bounce right back out. Higher quality Foosball tables often incorporate a damping material at the back of the goal mouth. When the Foosball hits this at speed the force is soaked right up and the ball drops down, so no argument of whether it was a goal or not.

A table that incorporates all of the above is likely to be tournament standard. The reality is that not all of us want or need that and have no aspirations to become a professional player.

We simply want to enjoy the game on a durable product that will last a reasonable period. The Foosball tables reviewed below are a mixed bunch for budgets from approximately $100 to $800. The more expensive unit is always going to be better than the cheapest, what we are really interested in is value for money and highlighting what type of buyer individual tables might suit.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of those Foosball tables one by one. We’ll start with the Hathaway playoff Foosball table.

1. Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table – A good starter table for a teenagers bedroom

First up, let’s take a look at this Hathaway Playoff foosball table. This table is smaller than regulation size at around four feet, but often that is the ideal length for a home games or rec room.

The playing surface is made of a thick MDF, meaning that you can definitely rely on its durability, no matter how many times you play. The chrome-finished steel rods come with easy grip ergonomic handles made of plastic, ensuring that game play is equal and fair on both sides.

The grip isn’t like that of wooden handles but fine at this price point.

An interesting quality of this table is that the goalie rod has a 3 man configuration. This makes it easier and better for younger children to play, or less skilled adults! The men are traditionally styled so don’t have the wedge shaped feet for fine control but surprisingly they perform reasonably well in use even allowing pretty accurate passing between team mates.

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table from above

The Hathaway Playoff table certainly has most of the features that you could ever want, but what about its durability? Here is where other tables might just have the upper hand. Although it is constructed of a heavy duty MDF, some players do complain of a lack of sturdiness during play.

Ultimately, this means that this might not be the ideal table for those of you who get a little rowdy when you play. The flip side to that is that 2 of you can easily move it around the home if you need to. So when you are planning on redesigning your man cave, the foosball table won’t cause you much of a problem in that respect.

It should be noted that this isn’t a folding model, once it’s up it’s up.

In terms of how it plays, the Hathaway stands up pretty well. The soccer ball glides across the surface as smoothly as many of the more expensive tables, and the ABS molded players are durable enough that you can play with as much vigor as you like. One negative is that often when you score a goal the fall flies out of the rear end of the table rather than the pace being killed and the ball dropping.


  • Three player goalie configuration makes it easier for less experienced players to enjoy
  • The men aren’t shaped like on a pro table but offer a reasonable amount of control
  • Reasonably durable but the rods could be better made


  • The foosball can fly out of the end slot when scoring a goal
  • Takes 1-2 hours to build but at least an allen key is included
  • A little light weight and not for a frat house

The Verdict

A limited warranty on this product means that you do have some peace of mind when purchasing, although it is not as long as some other foosball tables.

A huge plus, on the other hand, is that this product comes with free shipping. That’s great news for something of its size. Overall, the Hathaway is a sturdy, undersized table which would serve amateur play pretty well.

It’s perfect for a teenagers bedroom but for those frat parties you might want something a little more heavyweight.

In summary the colorful attractive looks make it a good choice for a first-time table and if you really get the bug you can always move on to something full size and more substantial in build quality, perhaps like the Warrior table up next.

2. Warrior Professional Foosball Table
– A high quality table, substantially built with an understated design, easily the best on test

Next up is the Warrior Professional foosball table, and straight away we can see a remarkable difference between this and the Hathaway.

While the Hathaway had a design which was colorful and busy, the Warrior Professional looks much more professional and understated. The design is simpler, more pared-down, and this contributes greatly towards the whole thing seeming a bit more stylish.

At home in any space

While the Hathaway is great for a teenager’s bedroom, the Warrior would be at home just about anywhere as long as you have the room for a full size table.

It wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket bar or club house.

The Warrior’s surface is built of MDF at around an inch thick and is considerably sturdier than many others you will find on the market. It’s also relatively straightforward to put the Warrior together but it’s still going to take 2 of you 1-2 hours to assemble.

You’ll definitely need 2 people as the table weighs approx 200lbs and is rather substantial. The product is also supplied in 3 separate packages so just unpacking is easier with 2.

Superb surface allows for fine foosball control

Once assembled and leveled out with the adjustable feet the table is flat and true. If you drop a foosball on the table it will come to a stand still, this is great for fine foosball control and you can be sure that this table will not move around while you are playing.

This solid construction means that you get that real quality feel and pulling off a powerful pull shot will not budge this table an inch.

Warrior Pro Foosball Table the best foosball table on review

Without spending money on an ITSF official table like a Tornado 3000 this is the nearest thing to one.

Aside from the table leveling the men are counterbalanced so you can leave rods with the men horizontal and pass through, especially good on a one on one game. The wooden handles are also grippy and comfortable.

We personally would still use tubes or wraps to get the best from your shots though, plus it makes you feel like a pro even when you’re not!

Excellent Rod Guard system

The Warrior also includes a unique safety feature that you will really appreciate if you have small children. The Rod Guard system will prevent someone on the other side of the table being struck by a rod flying out. It’s just a simple transparent sheath that covers the rod but it’s such a clever idea especially if you have kids spectating.

If you’re putting this Foosball table in a commercial space it’s also a plus point for health and safety considerations.

It is generally agreed that the Warrior is one of the best value for money tables going, but something that might catch you out is the high shipping cost. Still, for a table that might be as good as some of the thousand-dollar options, at much less the price, you might decide that the overall price is worth it.


  • Incorporates counterbalanced men
  • Central ball return and serving hole
  • Includes the unique Rod Guard system to prevent being struck by a fast moving rod – these are removable also if you prefer
  • Comes with 3 balls, 2 extra men, 2 spare bearings and rod lube
  • Excellent flat playing surface and great leveling system
  • Red and black men with wedge shaped feet for great foosball control
  • Ramping at the corner of the playing surface keeps the ball in play and fast with a single keeper configuration


  • An expensive but realistic shipping cost given the weight
  • A small gripe but it’s a little loud when the foosball hits the back of the goal

The Verdict

Overall the Warrior Professional is an excellent quality table for its price. Dollar for dollar this is probably the best foosball table available with the majority of features found on models costing 3-4 times as much.

Even with the relatively high delivery cost unless you can get a second hand Tornado 3000 or similar then this is the one to go for. If you’re upgrading from your first table or for an upmarket home games room this is a steal.

Checkout the ease of use and ball control abilities of the Warrior in this brief video below.

3. Sunnydaze 48-Inch Foosball Table – A Budget Priced Offering Perfect For The Kids Bedroom

The Sunnydaze is remarkably cheaper than the Warrior, but what are you getting for your money, and is it worth it?

This table is smaller, for a start – 24x32x48 inches – and the weight is considerably less at only 48 pounds. So we know that we are dealing with something considerably less accomplished straight off the bat – but does that mean that it isn’t worth considering for your games room? As it turns out, sometimes the smaller ones are actually better.

One thing you can say about the Sunnydaze table is that it is durable.

Despite being small, it stands well and can take quite a lot of punishing rod play during game play. It is this, along with its price tag and overall quality, which might make it more suitable for a child’s bedroom than anything else.

Design targets a younger audience

It’s light enough to move around (with adult supervision) but not so flimsy that it will fall apart at the first sight of a bit of rough and tumble. The graphics on this table are some of the best for the price range, although again it is worth bearing in mind that they seem to target a younger audience. Saying that the goalkeeper line has a single man configuration, for newer players this will take some getting used to.

Single goalkeeper on Sunnydaze foosball table

There are downsides to this table which can’t be ignored, however. For a start, the construction is famously difficult, and it might end up taking you a lot longer to construct than you really want it to. It has also been known to have poor quality checks carried out, sometimes even arriving un-leveled or chipped on the corners.

Reassurance of a 1 year warranty

It is still a good quality table for the price but these things are worth bearing in mind. These issues might be less of a concern, however, knowing that the product does come with a one year warranty – a pretty long one, given the cost of the table – so you do have some peace of mind there.

The delivery is free, too, and spare parts can be easily obtained if necessary.


  • A durable product that will stand up to some rough and tumble
  • Wedge shaped feet allow for good ball control
  • Nice detail on the men
  • Smooth rod action
  • Optional assembly service
  • Basic leveling system built in


  • Finish quality is not up to that of the other tables on test
  • Assembly instructions could be much better

The Verdict

Overall the Sunnydaze 48-Inch Foosball Table is on the lower end of the quality scale given the finish quality.

Assembly is also difficult though you can purchase assembly in your home if purchased through

Some will be won over by the easygoing freestanding nature of the product and the durability, it’s also an affordable option for the parent with a budget to stick to. Add to that a couple of pro features such as the single keeper configuration and the men with wedge feet and you have a reasonable package for a teenagers bedroom.

4. Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table – Fantastic looks & solidly built with some pro features

From the first sight, this is an impressive foosball table. While the three previous tables all had some slight problem with them – construction, design, or price – the Atomic Pro Force table seems to be a pretty certain and solid little all-rounder which is well worth considering for your own home.

The first impression of the Atomic table is that its looks are fantastic – stylized with a sleek and nicely finished wooden side and a level playing field that glides as easy as anything.

Some pro features included

This table has many of the features that you often expect, but don’t always get, such as speedy ball-return and good men that offer great ball control despite the lack of counterbalancing.

Heavy duty leg levelers also mean that you can always ensure the playing field is level, even when the floor isn’t. And it is one of the heavier and bigger tables that we have looked at, making it robust and good value for money.

serving hole on Atomic foosball table

This is the table for the player who considers themselves relatively skilled, and it has a price tag that reflects a dedication to foosball. However the Warrior edges it for pro features and there are some issues with poor quality components we found during construction of the Atomic.


  • Includes a proper serving circle
  • Nice wooden paneled finish that looks expensive
  • Men have wedged feet with grooves for superior ball control
  • Includes 3 good quality balls
  • Good customer service from Atomic for those buyers who have had issues
  • Good quality comfortable rubber handles are very grippy
  • High quality metal scoring counters


  • We would expect counter weighted men at this price
  • Some of the internal wooden components could be better made
  • Construction can be fiddly

The Verdict

By all accounts, assembly time is slow with the Atomic table, but it seems that you get a lot for your efforts once you have constructed it. The warranty is as long as you would hope, and this table can be delivered for free, which is always a nice touch. Although real professionals might want to go for something a bit more complete like the Warrior, this is a fantastic all-round table which gives you as much as you could hope for for the money it costs you. A great table, well worth considering.

5. Playcraft Sport Foosball Table – Black 48 inch – A Bright & Funky Starter Table Perfect For A Kids Playroom

Our last table to be reviewed today is the Playcraft Sport, a product on the lower end of the budget scale than the Atomic Pro, but about the same as the Sunnydaze and the Hathaway. So how does it compare to those two tables of the same price range?

close up of graphics on Playcraft foosball table

First of all, it is considerably smaller than either the Sunnydaze or the Hathaway, and it is lightweight enough that it might actually cause some problems during game play. Of course, the other side to this is that it can be easily moved around, making it a good choice for a child’s room.

Solid table despite the cheap price

This is a cheap table, and you might expect the quality of the construction to echo that, but actually the table is made pretty solidly, and previous users of the table often recommend it as a good starter’s table.

The design is bright and funky, and feels a lot more fun than some of the drier designs. This also boasts free delivery, something which is particularly attractive when coupled with such a low price.


  • Funky red design great for a child’s bedroom or playroom also available in black
  • Pretty solidly built
  • Attractive value for money price
  • Single goal keeper like on pro foosball tables


  • Difficult to construct
  • A little light weight and flimsy

The Verdict

This is a nice table for the money, but the assembly time is a real downside. However, as long as you have the patience, you might just be happy with the kind of money you are saving here. All in all, the Playcraft Sport table boasts a relatively good all-round quality for its lower-end price, although more serious players will want to go for something closer to the Atomic Pro or Warrior. The Sunnydaze is also available in black.

So Which is the Best Foosball Table of this Bunch

So, the question at this point is obvious: which table is the best foosball table? It is difficult to pick out one distinct winner for something like this, but there is one table which definitely stands out as being the best for all-round quality in comparison to its price, and that is the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. This is the table you want to go for if you are semi-serious about your play, you can see yourself playing for a long time and you don’t mind the investment.

The Warrior is almost tournament standard.

If you are looking for similar quality on a cheaper budget and are prepared to forego some of the pro features, then next in line would have to be the Atomic, with its great design and quality components.

Looking for a cheaper option?

That being said, if you are just looking for a cheap and cheerful table for your kid’s room, the Sunnydaze is probably the one for you. This just might well be the best budget foosball table and you’ll still have lots of fun with this even if it doesn’t have all the features that the pro tables do.

Finding the right Foosball table can take time and most seem to suffer from being difficult to construct – but get it right, and it can make a world of difference to whatever room you want it for.

The Best Foosball Table Reviews For 2019

Choosing between Foosball tables can be tricky, not least because there are so many different types and so many features to consider. Nonetheless, we are here to help you out, and in this article we will be doing exactly that. We are going to take a look at five of the best foosball tables currently on the market.

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